Are You Afraid of the Dark?

A current flowering technique becoming more common amongst growers is called light deprivation. Also known as ‘blacking out’ , ‘light dep’ and inducing photoperiod. To ‘light-dep’ a plant is to shorten the duration of the its sun’s light cycle, (done in many different ways) so as to encourage the plant to flower in a time of year that wouldn’t naturally…

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Greenhouse Concepts

The evolution of greenhouse growing is at an all time high. The concept of running a greenhouse in the summer and the winter have taken on a whole new approach. What’s the difference? Winter – Most people realize the advantages of a greenhouse when it’s cold. A greenhouse in the winter can play a crucial role in providing gardeners with…

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Flood Insurance

These days there are a lot of variables to think about when setting up your garden. Between the rising prices of overhead to run your business and a cost-cutting competitive market one has to look carefully at both the quality and the expenditure comparisons between various methods of cultivation. The fall can be flooded with a cornucopia of the season’s…

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GRINDO Indoor quality. Outdoor quantity. Greenhouse grown.

GRINDO Indoor quality. Outdoor quantity. Greenhouse grown. It is debatable that this is the best approach to cultivating high-quality plants. Whether grown in soil, aquaponically, or hydroponically with either organic or synthetic, Grindo (Greenhouse/Indoor), offers the best of both indoor and outdoor growing. For just a moment, forget about the immense amount of electricity that is used to grow plants…

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We are featured in this month’s Skunk Magazine

FFG. As featured in this month’s Skunk Magazine article by Ed Rosenthal.

Retractable Greenhouses

The Retractable Greenhouse is the most efficient and eco-friendly that FFG offers. Utilizing the effects of passive cooling and full environmental control systems – monitoring the leaf surface and soil temperatures – this greenhouse is strictly for the professional farmer. Forever Flowering automated light deprivation greenhouses allow you to extend or shorten your growing season at the flip of a switch,…

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