Warm Floor Heating Systems

Greenhouse Floor heating just makes sense.

p18red-pipesIf you are going to pour concrete in any area where plants or people will be, it makes sense to install floor heating. Not only is it one of the most effective methods of greenhouse heating with the boost to plant growth quite well documented, it creates a very pleasant working environment too. Any barn, service building, or headhouse where labor occurs will be better if the floors are warm.

p18b2picsAmong the benefits, floors dry off quickly after clean-up with hoses and you don’t lose your heating energy when you roll up shipping doors. This is because the heat is in the floor! Radiant floor heating heats objects first and air last, so people stay warmer and more comfortable with warm feet and cool heads to go about their work. In the greenhouse, floor heating in concrete is fast becoming the standard way to grow, especially where Flood Floors are concerned. Our Flood Floor Department has completed over 10 million square feet of Flood Floors! All of it with floor heating in the concrete. Another very powerful application of our Warm-floor greenhouse heating systems is in the burgeoning area of retail garden center construction. Retailers report that customers stay in their stores longer and consequently buy more plants and related items. This is because this silent, but incredibly comfortable greenhouse heating system completes a great shopping environment. Many retailers have even set up special snow and ice removal zones to make the foot traffic areas around their stores safer for shoppers. As you can see, our floor heating systems are perfect for heating concrete floor production areas where p21floor-pipingsanitary, healthy, quick production is desired. We engineer the entire system to provide gentle, evenly delivered heat using constant flow design techniques. These systems can be set up to accommodate any number of zones for your specific requirement for perfect heating distribution.

It makes no sense to cut corners when selecting a greenhouse warm-floor heating system. p19redpipeRemember that your investment is mostly in the actual concrete, and you’ll probably expect it to last 50 years, or longer. Don’t make the mistake of installing inferior heat tubing that may not give you the long term performance you need. Many growers have found that being “penny-wise and pound-foolish” in this area is a very bad decision. What will you do if the tubing you got for “next to nothing” starts leaking after 5 or 6 years?

We offer our warm-floor heat tubing in 2 compounds:
HDX, which is an ultra-high molecular weight resin of high density poly-ethylene. It’s made in a distinctive red color, so you know you are getting true HDX tubing. Also, while our HDX meets very stringent ASTM testing standards for quality, it is our “economical” choice of floor heating tubing.

p19redpipe-layoutGreenPEX is our upgrade choice.
It’s a cross-linked polyethylene extrusion or “PEX”. We’ve developed GreenPex especially for the greenhouse industry. Cross-linking technology imparts this tubing with characteristics that make it extremely durable. The cross-linking process “knits” the molecules together. PEX tubing is becoming the standard for floor heating outside of our industry because of its excellent performance in accelerated aging tests.