Organic Herbs


Organic Herbs

humicHumic Acids are a very important part of the health of our soils and plants. Humic Acids are comprised of composed organic matter. They help plants uptake vital nutrients, minerals, stimulate natural hormones, accelerates seed germination which help plants produce antioxidants, increased immune response and allows for ultimate production. Humic Acids contain humic and fulvic acids, macro and micro nutrients. They increase microbial and mycorrhizal activity which are all essential to healthy plant growth. They suppress soil and root pathogens.

alfalfaAlfalfa is the best, most natural source of nitrogen. Alfalfa has tap roots that normally go down about 18 ft. in the ground and pull up Calcium, Sulfur, Magnesium, Boron, Iron and Zinc. When powdered and used to feed plants, it will create a barrier against soil born diseases. It is very rich in natural sugars and when applied these sugars breakdown into a alcohol called “triacontanol”. The Triacontanol has proven to be of significant benefit to ultimate yields for plants. Alfalfa is known as one of the richest plants found on Earth because when it breaks down, beneficial bacteriae eat the Triacontanol which activate all of the soil organisms and then convert the bacteriae into easily absorbable food for the plant. Alfalfa has tap roots that normally go down about 18 ft. in the ground.

stingingnettleStinging Nettle (Urtica Diotica) is extraordinarily rich in vitamins A, C, B2, B5, folic acid, trace elements, amino acids, iron, potassium, manganese, and calcium which aide in ultimate plant health. It is one of the most effective and beneficial herbs for human and plant health. When used as a spray, it is effective to remove aphids, mites and molds, due to very high silica. Nettle is very high in chlorophyll and nitrogen, this makes it a very ideal food for plants throughout their entire growth cycle.Much as is the case for kelp emulsion, nettle tea seems to stimulate the “immune system” of plants, making them more resistant to insect and disease attacks. Perhaps this effect is due to no more than the fact that the plant is in a state of optimal and balanced nutrition. We source our organic Nettle from Bulgaria, which has the most potent nettle leaf that we can find anywhere.



Kelp (Ascophyllum Nodosum)



cacaoCacao (Theobroma Cacao) is the fruit of longevity. It is one of the most complex superfoods on the planet. It is high in antioxidants, chromium, iron, zinc, copper,

  • Improved seed generation and thicker root development (mitosis).
  • Increased bloom set and increased size of flowers and fruit.
  • Increases and stabilizes chlorophyll in plants, which remits in photosynthesis, darker green leaves and increased sugar content in plants.
  • Relieves stress in plants caused by extreme weather conditions.
  • Increased micro-organisms in the soil, which can fix nitrogen from the air.
  • Increased mineral uptake from the soil and into the plant’s leaves.
  • Increases the storage life of fruits and vegetables by retarding the loss of protein, chlorophyll and RNA in produce.
  • Seaweed contains 60 or more minerals and several plant hormones and when applied to plants as a foliar spray, can increase the rate of cell division and elongation in those plants. The hormones also increase root growth when applied to the soil.
    • Plants develop more extensive root systems, which means healthier foliage, flowers and fruit
    • Plants have a greater resistance to nematodes, disease and pests.
  • We source our organic Kelp from Iceland because we are assured of it’s purity of radio active residue.


Cacao (Theobroma Cacao) is the fruit of longevity. It is one of the most complex superfoods on the planet. It is high in antioxidants, chromium, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium and manganese. When used raw (only heating it to 60 degrees C./ 140 degrees F.) it contains high levels of vitamin C., seratonin, triptopham and many other MAO inhibitors that make us feel good and support our immune system. Cacao also contains epicatechin which has been proved to help cardiovascular disease and reduce LDL cholesterol levels. It also contains the very enhancing Anandamide and Theobromine which is helpful for mental clarity and weight loss.