Radiant Roll-Out Heat Mat

Radiant Roll-Out Heat Mat

“Witness robust growth and incredible rooting with our high tech yet simple system”
roll-out-demoFor people growing year-round we now have roll out radiant floor heating! Keeping the heat right where you need it, at the root zone. Root zone temperature of 72 degrees when it’s freezing outside! Forever Flooring lays right on the ground or on top of grow tables and recirculates hot water through small rubber tubes. Very durable, safe to your plants; you can walk on or even roll a wheelbarrow over it. Forever Flooring can also be applied to indoor growing environments.

A sensor in the soil or a sample pot or tray tells the system when to come on and go off. You set the temperature where it needs to be. Stand back and watch the growth! Anybody can install it. We packaged our Forever Flooring kits so they install quickly and easily. We supply all the drawings and we’ve prewired all of the electrical parts!

All components (clamps, unions, “L” and “T” fittings are designed with a special “wedge-lok” system to assure long life and no leaks! Schedule 80 PVC pipe fittings connect the Forever Flooring header to your supply and return pipes. Technology made simple. Our floor heat kits give you bottom heat for propagation and germination, the places you need it most.
Features & Benefits:

Puts the heat where it is needed, at the crop level. Allows lower air temperatures and 20-40% less fuel than air heating.
Heating the root zone and microclimate increases plant quality and shortens the production cycle.
Pre-packaged Kit installs quickly and easily, no special tools needed. Install on top of benches, under benches or on the greenhouse floor.
Reliable heat without the shocking experience of electric mats.

Heating-DiagramForever Flooring Kit includes:

  • Tubing
  • Headers
  • Grabber-Trak
  • Air and Water Controls
  • Circulator Pump
  • Pre-Wired Control with special Soil Sensor
  • Thermometers to check supply and return water temperatures
  • Installation Manual with extensive drawings

Options and Upgrades:

  • Roll-Out Mat for tables or ground
  • Piping Kits— Piping from the bench to the heat source
  • Temperature Zoning – zone valve & zone valve controller
  • Heat Source— Hot Water Heater(s)
  • Ball valve for manual shut-off to benches
  • Digital Temperature Display Upgrade
  • Water Treatment/Water Test Kit